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Is your website driving customers away or worse (you don’t have one)?

If you are finding social media complicated & time consuming we can help…


If you have sparse, or no online presence then you are not making the most of this vital business asset. We create your presence using beautiful imagery, consistent fonts and layout which you can then roll out to your website, blog, newsletter and media channels.


We help you identify your best digital asset such as website, blog or newsletter and then we find the best social media channels to direct customers to you. Keeping updated online may sound daunting but with simple scheduling and automation we have you covered.


Linking your assets and media channels to each other will capture customers no matter what device or what social media they use. It is the difference between sending customers down a dead end street or instead to a highway with multiple exits to turn off and experience what interests them.


Not updating your website or blog is equivalent to not stocking your store shelves. We can help you set up so you can either update yourself, or you can leave it to us. We can organise newsletter campaigns, create and update content so you there is always something new for your customers to look at.
Who are we?
Vermilion Ink was started in 2014 in Central Queensland when it became obvious there was a gap in creating a cohesive online presence for businesses without employing staff. It is no longer enough to just have a website, it must be found online and social media plays an important role in directing clients to your business. We take a wholistic approach to online profiles so you can gain maximum exposure from one of your most important business assets.
Do you just design websites?
We do design websites but not as a stand alone product. There is no point anymore just creating a website without connections to the search engines and social media otherwise you just won’t be found. We get you on google, connect you to your devices and social media so you can have an efficient online experience.

What we don’t do at this stage is design logos, we can put you in touch with graphic designers who can produce the images and files which we can then use in your online profiles.

What kind of websites do you do?
Generally we build content and e-commerce websites and link them to their appropriate social media as well as search engines. Normally we use the WordPress platform but occasionally you may be more suited to Shopify or Neto so we will recommend any depending on what you want to do.
Most websites need updating frequently both with content and security/feature upgrades for your site (think iPhone updates). We recommend updating atleast once a month.

A human will answer the phone, we don’t like waiting days for service so why should you. As long as we have an internet connection we answer all queries promptly.

We generally complete content updates within a few hours or a couple of days if there is major or new pages/design components.

Look we hate bill shock too. Yes of course you can get a freelancer from overseas to design your website for a couple of hundred dollars. Again it comes down to what you pay for, we use Australian employees and pay accordingly. We are developers and designers so you have access to the highest quality tools which come with our creative skills so we can give you the best e-comerce sites, form builders, event calendars and more…

Our pricing is competitive and value for money. As every case is individual it is impossible to give out standardised pricing but if you give contact us we are happy to give you a quote.

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